Chinese Involvement In The Building Of The New World Order

The recent leak exposing Chinese spies throughout western government has shown us another key piece of the plot behind the building of The New World Order. In this post we will take a look at just how much weight China has thrown into the scheme to enslave mankind, particularly their efforts to destabilize the west. 

Xi Jinping, President of Communist China, is an outspoken globalist. He defends globalization in the name of trade equality. China even has a seat on the United Nation’s Human Rights Council. How ironic  for a Communist nation that terrorizes and subjugates it’s own people. The protests in  Beijing prior to the start of the pandemic, as well as the concentration camps full of muslims, paint a more honest picture of China’s stance on human rights. The revolutionary social credit system powered by mass survelience and AI, and enforced by military personel who patrol the streets, aligns pretty closely with the Klaus Schwab’s own technocratic ideals.

We know that the COVID19 outbreak originated in China, even though the media still lies to the public about its true origins. The media portrays china’s strong response, including lockdowns and strict enforcements of protocol, as the example that other nations should follow. We’ve seen a similar comparison being made to Australia, when the nation flexed it’s muscles to enforce lockdowns and other acts of tyranny when the pandemic began. China has lead the world by example, by using its own nation and people to build a technocracy blueprint. After seeing China’s technocracy prevail over the deadly plague, other nations seem to be following right in China’s footsteps.

The United States seem to be the only country not under nationwide lockdown, at least for now. American citizens are still clinging to what rights they have left. Freedom of speech is being hindered through the internet, thanks to Big Tech. Information is being withheld by the authorities, and misinformation spread by the corrupt media. (Both Big Tech and the Mainstream Media have been revealed to be infiltrated by the CCP.) Some cities like Los Angeles, are being put under strict lockdowns, while entire states, such as Florida, are not restricted at all. Chinese spies are directly involved in the efforts to corrupt American leaders, and to destabilize the nation, according to the recent wikileaks drop. While there are apparently people within the government and intelligence agencies who are trying to do the right thing, it has become impossible to deny that corruption runs extremely deep among American leadership.

Our soon to be Puppet president Joe Biden has not sold out to the CCP, He’s gone into business with them. Biden has been a globalist his whole career. Biden’s own words and the agendas he has promoted tell us that he supports the building of the NWO, the destruction of capitalism and the free market, and of course, The Great Reset. From the top of the American government, the President’s office, we can work our way down through the branches of the federal government, through state government, and even local city governments, and find the traces of corruption left behind. Leaders from all levels have been bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise corrupted by Chinese influence. We even see the CCP’s influence in our nation’s media and social media. When we look at all these elements together, the picture becomes clear.

While it’s apparent that China has infiltrated Western politics, many are still confused as to why. The conflict is being framed as USA VS China, but the real conflict here is Global Elitists VS The free people of the world. As I’ve written about previously, Americans are the last hold out for total world domination. China just happens to be in the perfect position to destabilize the nation, paving the way for The New World Order in the West. We must all remember who the real enemy is, not the Chinese, but the Elite who would rule us all. Xi Jinping happens to be a key player in these plans. By creating technocracy demonstration in his own nation, playing a direct role in the COVID19 Scamdemic, and apparently leading efforts to break down western society, CCP slave driver Jinping has shown the world his hand. The question is now, what will the people do to rebel? Or will we all fall to tyranny, and allow these dictators to turn us into obedient slaves, as the Chinese citizens have already become? Now is the time to decide.

The Enslavement Agenda appears to be moving forward as scheduled. America’s leaders will not come to their peoples aid. There are no saviours. We must save ourselves, by uniting against the tyrannical plans of the elite. Stop living in fear, stop allowing yourself to be hearded like cattle. Stop listening to the lies. Seek the truth, and when you find it, let it empower you to take a stand. Remember the real enemy, and remember we must unite with our fellow man against the existential threat to our species’ freedom. Together, we can stop them, but only together.

Your fellow man,


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