The Next Crisis: The 2021 Cyber Pandemic

Our Technocrat slave master Klaus Schwab has already warned the world of the next crisis, which will make the current crisis look trivial by comparison. He called it a “Cyber Pandemic”, which will cripple internet and electric power grid infrastructure, and lay waste to supply chains and industries all over the world. Just recently the media has informed us that cyber security consulting company Fire Eye, was attacked by malicious hackers, and their “Weapons of Mass Cyber Destruction” were stolen. In addition, the same attackers are also responsible for penetrating the systems of a company called Solar Winds, a software company who sell their server monitoring services to some of the worlds largest corporations, and government organizations. They’ve used a trojan horse to send malicious code to the servers of all Solar Wind clients, providing a “backdoor” for future exploits. Two major investors in Solar Winds were caught dumping stock not long before news of the hack went public. Insider trading? The American media has told the public that these hackers are the same ones who hacked the DNC prior to the 2016 election, the group of malicious hackers from Soviet Russia. In spite of the repeated statements of the MSM claiming the 2016 election was “hacked”, they still insist that the 2020 election was not, and could not be, “hacked”, but that’s a topic for a different discussion. Today we’re going to discuss what these cyber attacks mean in relation to Klaus Schwab’s warning of an impending Cyber Pandemic.

The narrative as its given to us is this; Russian hackers have stolen CWMDs, and given themselves backdoor access to world wide infrastructure, the power grid, the banking system, communications, even government and military networks. They could unleash the havoc Klaus Schwab promised any day now. Global supply chains disrupted, mass food shortages, world wide power outages, transaction systems offline. I fully expect this to happen personally. Could it be a false flag? Certainly. Could it be just a smokescreen to hide a more sinister plot? Absolutely. However, I believe The Elite, in their insufferable arrogance, do tell the peasants exactly what they intend to do. They have always done so, through out history. The truth always hides in plain sight, if one cares to look for it, but They take great care to ensure most of the cattle stay distracted. Every day more people are realizing exactly how dire the situation has become, so the plan has been pushed forward. COVID19, Lockstep, Vaccines, and now a new crisis to instill fear and ensure obedience. Perhaps the final one needed to justify the complete and utter destruction of human freedom for generations to come.

All we can do is prepare, friends. Joe Biden and the MSM have warned us of a dark winter many times, perhaps he was really telling us what was coming, in his own smug way. Regardless, let’s all stay sharp, be prepared, and get ready for the dark winter that may be upon us. As always, stay strong, don’t lose hope, and do not give into fear.


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