COVID19, Transhumanism, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, And The Great Reset

These topics are being discussed all over world right now, as humanity is slowly becoming aware that we are being herded, like livestock, into The New World Order. We’re being prodded, poked, and jostled into a global authoritarian system. It was agreed upon a long time ago by The Powers That Be, that humankind is not fit to govern itself. They’ve allowed some of us to exist within false democracies, and provided the illusion of control, until they were ready to take complete control. That time is nearly upon us. I wanted to take some time to break down what we know (what’s been revealed to us) about the New World Order being built around us currently.

Transhumanism was a new word for me, until I first dived down the Pandemic rabbit hole. A quick internet search for the term brings us the standard definition:

The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Doesn’t sound all that bad. Many would argue that humankind is already on this path with the evolution of computing technology in recent decades, and they would be right. The transhumanism being discussed by the elite, however, has a nefarious purpose. Its being sold to us under the guise of inclusion, sustainability, and fairness for all. Make no mistake, the subjugation of humanity is the end goal. The 99% is to be transformed into a docile obedient slave class, more sub-human than trans-human, in order to serve the self appointed rulers of the human race. The transformation has already begun. So how does the manufactured COVID19 crisis tie into the transhumanist endgame? Let’s look to the work of World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab, for the answer.

Advances in digital technologies and new materials over the last 20 years have enabled forward leaps in areas such as the understanding of genomes, genetic engineering, diagnostics and pharmaceutical development. Like fire in ancient Greek mythology, stolen from the gods by Prometheus and given to humans, the power represented by biotechnology is sometimes portrayed as a civilizational leap for humankind.

…the ability to ‘read and write to’ the brain heralds new industries and systems for value creation, which will have deep social, political and economic impacts…our brains are at the core of what makes us human—they enable us to perceive and make sense of the world, to learn, imagine, dream and interact with others. Influencing the brain in more precise ways could change our sense of self, redefine what it means to have experiences and fundamentally alter what constitutes reality. By affecting how we govern ourselves, the system management of human existence, brain science encourages a huge step for humans beyond natural evolution.”

Those were excerpts from Klaus’ book “Shaping The Future Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. {You can obtain a copy to read yourself here} The second quote is from a chapter titled neurotechnologies, in section 2.3 Altering The Human Being. Think of Klaus Schwab as the spokesperson for The Great Reset. Is he the grand mastermind behind the entire NWO? probably not, but he is certainly involved, and he’s been pretty vocal about it. In his other book, COVID19: The Great Reset, Klaus lays out exactly what his vision of an ideal world looks like. More on that very soon.

Let’s return to our current situation, the Pandemic Crisis. Mankind is being manipulated on a never before seen scale. Across all national borders, every continent, every single individual, is being made to fear their own fellow man. We’re being socially conditioned to believe that every other person we encounter is a potential threat to our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We’re are being taught that we need to lesson physical social interaction (Unless you’re on TV) in order to save lives. We’re being deceived into rewriting our own “social contract” of what it means to be human, and in doing so, consenting to subjugation. The real issue here is not the virus itself, but the precedent that is being set.

If every single person is potentially a carrier for an extremely contagious, potentially deadly or symptom-less virus, it creates a state of general mistrust of others. You never know who might have the virus. The solution is to monitor every individuals location and contacts, as well as health status with tests. All citizens are encouraged to stay home as much as possible. They are discouraged to spend time with family on holidays. Medical masks are mandated everywhere you go in public, even though their is clearly no correlation whatsoever between mask wearing and the spread of the virus. I could write an article about masks alone. How they are useless, they don’t stop the spread of anything, they’re uncomfortable, inconvenient, and besides all the general complaints, they anonymize every individual, making facial expressions more difficult to read. Babies learn to empathize and recognize emotions by seeing their parents faces. Masks will surely negatively impact this process. Above all, masks are dehumanizing. They are a symbol of the slave class, a muzzle. Masks are essential to the Scamdemic because they make it real. They provide tangible evidence that we are living in a Pandemic. As event 201 clearly displays, the exact rules and regulations for COVID, including mask wearing, were planned down to the last detail years in advance. What we can learn from this, is that the elite are training us, not unlike how you might train your own pet. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as described by Schwab, is a new chapter in human development.

Many hard working members of the middle class have heard the rumors or robotics and automation replacing human labor. More and more jobs, particularly in manufacturing, will be done by robots. As Artificial intelligence technology matures, human computer interaction becomes almost as natural as talking to a person. Imagine a world where this technology replaces people you see every day. People working at the gas stations, hotels, retail stores, fast food drive-throughs, restaurants. The fourth industrial revolution is planned to keep physical contact between people to the bare minimum (as well as make labor as cheap as possible). With the advent of the manufactured health crisis, we now have the perfect excuse to fully implement the proposed system.

A New World Order means the 99% are being lorded over by the 1%, who have obtained absolute power. The fourth industrial revolution is a facet of the NWO, it’s the more powerful and more present role of technology in our every day lives. The elite could never build an army out of the 99% to rule the 99%, so they seek to automate our rule, while ensuring compliance with the technocracy. We will exist within this technocratic system that rules us, while the elite enjoy their extravagant lifestyles, completely free and unhindered. An individual will be monitored every second of every day, by cameras, microphones and other sensors found all around them. Live data will be recorded, stored, and analyzed by AI algorithms. If the algorithm detects an abnormality, such as an individual staying out past curfew, not wearing a mask, saying something disparaging of the government, or breaking a law, the AI would report you to local authorities. (even determine a suitable punishment, or send a fine directly to your bank account.) If you don’t believe that such a system can exist, just look at present day communist China. I will be writing more on that in a separate post.

The transhumanist element comes into play with the advent of neurotechnology. Another great quote from Klaus:

“Neurotechnologies help us to better understand the brain and how it works, and also to influence consciousness, mood and behavior.”

By using classical conditioning on the entire population, the elites have effectively completed a “soft test” of our willingness to conform. It seems that the majority of people are willing to give up their personal right to bodily autonomy, given the proper stimulus. Now with the COVID vaccine coming soon, people are more than willing to ignore the red flags of the rushed experimental vaccine, and take the jab in order to feel safe from the invisible plague of death. Coercing the worlds population into a mandatory regular vaccination schedule is another step towards domination of humankind. Again, consider the precedent that is being set. Any number of agendas could be implemented against the population through the vaccination scheme. All we can do at the moment is speculate, but my worst fear would be the implementation of eugenics and population reduction on a global scale. Besides using chemicals to alter the way our brains work, technology could one day be used to read our very thoughts, or even send foreign thoughts directly to our brains. Sounds like science fiction, but our transhumanist slave master Schwab sees this as a real possibility. The push for a digital ID by the elites demonstrates the elitist perspective of the rest of our species. Putting everyone’s identification, health records (vaccination records), and even our digital wallet, on a biometric chip embedded in the individuals body, would be the easiest and most convenient way to manage the worlds population through the technocracy. 5G cellular networks and the Internet of Things play a role in the technocracy as well. Next generation cellular bandwidth allows much more data to be transferred over the network much more quickly, never mind the hazard of electromagnetic radiation all around us. The Internet of Things is simply a framework for more and more every day devices to be able to connect to the internet independently, in order to share information. Everything from toasters, light bulbs, door locks, or a refrigerator, can be used to monitor you, harvest data from you, and send that data to a remote server to be analyzed.

As I have mentioned many times, the announcement of The Great Reset is the announcement of The New World Order. The manufactured COVID19 pandemic is laying the groundwork of societal changes that need to be normalized in order to usher in The Fourth Industrial Revolution. If the globalists plans come to fruition, by 2030 the global technocracy will be in full effect. We will not be governing ourselves, we will be governed by algorithms processing incalculable amounts of data about our personal lives, sent by the population control grid being built around us. The groundwork for mass surveillance is already in place in most of the world, once all the harvested data is being funneled to our technocratic overlords, the system will be complete. There will be no escape from the watchful eye of Big Brother. Subliminal messages will be sent directly to our minds. Consume. Conform. Obey. Resistance will be made impossible. Before that dark age occurs for mankind, we have the opportunity to put a stop to it. We must resist now, while it is still possible to do so.

I hate to end the post on such a foreboding note, so instead I’ll leave you with this. The time to act is now. Rise up and claim your humanity before you are robbed of it. The elite mean to change the very meaning of human. We must show them now, that we will not allow it. Stand up to the subjugation. Take off your slave mask. Stop living in fear. We must unite to take our freedom back from those who wish to subjugate us. Civil disobedience is how we show them we wont comply with the enslavement agenda. Plant yourself firmly, hold your ground, and say no. Stay strong brothers and sisters.


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