Divide and Conquer: Paving The Way For The New World Order In America

The United States of America stands as a beacon of liberty and justice in the minds of many. Immigrants come to the US from all over the world seeking the freedom to practice the religion of their choice, to escape the clutches of poverty through capitalism and the free market, and to earn a better life for themselves and their families. Americans have many rights that they may take for granted, rights that many other nations don’t allow their own citizens. Owning weapons to defend their homes. Freedom to speak out against the local, state, or federal government without fear  of repercussion. Openly worshiping who or whatever they desire. Traveling wherever, whenever they please. How can these freedoms stand in the midst of a New World Order? They cannot, which is why these freedoms are slowly but surely being stripped away. As discussed in my previous post, The latest global crisis is being used as the justification to erode the rights that America’s founding fathers deemed god-given. Since these rights are so important to Americans, shouldn’t they all be up in arms, ready to defend them from the tyrannical globalist agenda? Some are, but many are not. The classic strategy of divide and conquer has been at work in America for quite some time, pitting the people of the once proud nation against one another in an effort to distract them from the bigger threat. Between the outright lies or half truths from the MSM, and general distractions of day-to-day life in the United States, many of its citizens remain blissfully unaware of the ever growing threat of globalization. The consolidation of power goes largely unnoticed by the average citizen. When discussing The Great Reset with others, they laugh at the idea of America falling before this tyranny. What they fail to understand is that The Elite have anticipated every obstacle in the way of their scheme. A 200 year old piece of paper and untrained unorganized individuals with firearms pose very little threat to this scheme.

The purpose of this post is to examine the divide and conquer tactics our soon to be ruling class has employed in America to sew chaos and discord, with the purpose of keeping the people fighting among themselves. With the exception of the Civil war, America has never been more divided then it is now. One of the most obvious and prominent examples of this tactic at work is the two party system. While there are of course other parties for citizens to choose from (green, libertarian. Etc. ), the mainstream media really only acknowledges the Democrat and Republican parties. With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, possibly the most controversial president in US history, The Powers That Be have created unprecedented polarization among U.S. citizens. I don’t believe there has ever been such a dramatic presidential term in the history of the nation. On one side of the fence you have the Trumps supporters, who adore the man and consider him to be a hero who fights valiantly against the evils of the Democratic party. On the other side we have those who see Trump as a racist and arrogant billionaire, flaunting his wealth and status while lining the pockets of the already wealthy with his presidential power. Then there is the small fraction of the population who see Trump for what he is, simply another pawn in the grand scheme of the globalist agenda. Has the media ever blatantly demonized a United States president the way that Donald Trump has been throughout his whole term? Has there ever been so much drama and petty mudslinging surrounding a POTUS? Trumps public persona is that of celebrity figure. His behavior, tone, and mannerisms while addressing the public are unlike the typical politician. Trump’s supporters celebrate this, calling him brave to speak his mind, and believe these traits give him an advantage while he fights valiantly to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC. Trump’ s detractors, on the other hand, consider his political incorrectness offensive, and a threat to the integrity of American politics. This Bombastic icon was presented to the public to make the next chosen president seem like a logical choice to some, and the embodiment of evil by others. It became apparent to me that the 45th President is merely controlled opposition. A hero figure for the people to rally behind, giving them the false hope that there is someone in Washington who cares about the American people. Someone who will stand up for their rights, and blow the whistle on the ever more apparent corruption of the “free” nation. You may recall the last president who tried to stand up to the worlds puppet masters was assassinated. The very fact that so many false flag conspiracies have arisen since Donald began his presidential election campaign, should alarm all Americans. Most however have fallen for these psychological manipulations of the media, as evidenced by the Q movement. False information has been “leaked” to the American public to support the notion that Donald is fighting the good fight against the evil swamp. Logic dictates that any conspiracy being frequently and openly talked about on television can’t be entirely true, since we know that the rise of the New World Order depends on the 99% remaining unaware of the real agenda.  In addition, the apparent increase in defamation of the Trump administration in the months leading to the 2020 presidential election, was clearly designed to make the democratic candidate seem like the logical choice. In spite of Joe Biden’s apparent mental decline in old age, and his blatant ties to the globalist agenda, the media paints him as the solution to all the issues that the Trump administration is being blamed for. He is here to correct the previous administrations mistakes, especially the handling of the pandemic in the US (Build Back Better). The Elite have always done this; create the problem, blame it on a scapegoat, then offer the people a solution. In this case, the solution being offered is President Joe Biden, and The Great Reset. To summarize, Donald Trump was installed in the White House for the sole purpose of further dividing America, and paving the way for Joe Biden’s presidency. I could write an entire novel about how he has served this purpose, but I think my reader understands. Now we will examine the other key elements of the division agenda.

Speaking of America’s billionaire former TV star turned politician, money has been used as a tool of influence and control by the globalists since the formation of the banking cabal back in the 1700s. The concept of classes in society is tied directly to wealth of individuals. The “haves” have been pitted against the “have nots” for centuries by the Money Masters. The lower class are oppressed, regulations are put in place to make it increasingly difficult for individuals to escape poverty. The middle class looks down at the poor, blaming them and their decisions for where they are. The media perpetuates this myth by informing the public of the drug use and violence that takes place in lower class communities.  At the same time, blue collar members of the middle class are taxed more harshly, having to support the lower classes with their tax dollars through disability, unemployment,welfare, and other programs. These programs serve the dual purpose of making hard working middle class families bitter towards the impoverished families they are made to support, as well as making the lower class increasingly dependent on these programs. Middle class individuals are resentful of the upper class, who are often portrayed as haughty and wasteful, flaunting their wealth and laughing at the hard working lower and middle class families struggles. While not all upper class families are like this, the extravagant lifestyles they tend to lead, and the culture of selfish decadence they contribute to, rightfully angers the middle and lower classes. The fact of the matter is, money makes life easier in America. When a person has more money then another, they have more freedom and less responsibility. The upper class pay taxes too, of course, but their contribution to taxes doesn’t impact their financial situation the same way it does for lower status people. Another grand myth reinforced by the media, is the self-made millionaire. While there are a handful of truly self made individuals in America, the vast majority had a big jump start or helping hand early in their careers. Hard work will only take someone so far. Donald Trump was born into an extremely wealthy family. He rarely mentions this, instead choosing to focus on how he has made so much money through his various business ventures (None of which would have been possible without an enormous family fortune to fall back on). The legend of Bill Gates, the college dropout who founded Microsoft from his garage as young man, and went on to hold the title of richest man in the world for quite some time, is also not grounded in reality. For decades, generations of children have been told they could do anything they want. What is not mentioned, is that living the American Dream requires quite a lot of time and money to get started. Hard work will go a long way in America, but over time its taking people less and less far.  The broken education and health care systems demonstrate this. People are unable to get the help they need to treat serious conditions that impact their lives negatively every single day, without going into debt. Medical debt can quickly become an enormous financial obligation. Due to inflation the cost of living has increased and the wages have not kept up. So if an individual comes from a family of poor immigrants, or even a poor family that has been in America for generations, its becoming increasingly more difficult to get an education, work to provide for oneself, and achieve the standard of living one desires, with hard work alone (Pursuit of happiness). The system is supposed to be fair for everyone, we are all supposed to have the same opportunities, but this simply is not the case in modern America. I understand the reader may argue that some of these impoverished people do not work hard, and are not willing to, in order to be successful. This is true, however, I believe the process of demoralization is to blame for this. I will cover this topic and the other stages of breaking down a free society, in more detail in a separate post. You will be able to see how this process has impacted Americans for generations, resulting in the America we live in today.

I don’t believe that people are inherently hateful of others. Prejudices are learned. When it comes to matters of diversity among race and religion, the seeds of racism and bigotry are sewn in society, and the flames of hatred are fanned by the media and culture. A fantastic example is the Black Lives Matter movement. The organization was born from the outrage of police brutality on the black community, but was hijacked by the Powers That Be. Infiltrated by Antifa, funded by deep state wealth, and radicalized into the domestic terror organization we see sensationalized on the news. Burning down buildings and violent mobs of protestors are not what BLM should stand for. The radicalized movement is even being endorsed by large corporations, and mentions from celebrities, which only serve to further divide the people. Those who support the movement are angry about the very real racial inequality issue in the US, and those opposed see the group as dangerous and racist anarchist group. Yet another example of the polarization tactics of the globalists. Nationalism and religion are weaponized as well. We’ve seen this in the form of The War on Terror. Middle eastern terrorist organizations have been used as a scapegoat for various acts of violence perpetrated by America’s own leaders. The media sows the seeds of fear and intolerance of the middle eastern culture among US citizens. War in the middle east, the deaths of so many American soldiers, suicide bombings, 9/11, and various other acts of terror against American sovereignty, are all associated with Muslims in the minds of so many Americans. The War on Drugs used the African American community as its scapegoat for the drug use epidemic in inner cities. We can follow a pattern of this artificial prejudice being indoctrinated into Americas collective psyche through out history. In the Cold War it was Russia (to justify the building of WMDs). In World War II it was the Japanese (Japanese Americans were forced out of their homes and into internment camps after the bombing of pearl harbor) and the Germans. Yet another Donald Trump example, his infamous remarks early in his campaign about Mexican immigrants. I’m sure that most rational individuals understand that all people deserve the benefit of the doubt, but that doesn’t mean mistrust and xenophobia aren’t being pushed onto the public through the lies of the media and public figures.

In closing, I just want to say that the divide and conquer agenda has been at work in America for a lot longer than most think, and its being dialed up to eleven during the current crisis. By keeping the masses in the US fighting each other, the Elite are able to build The New World Order in plain sight, while simultaneously framing it as progress. While the rest of the worlds people are apparently being transitioned to more openly tyrannical governments, the elites are using the tactics discussed here, to bring civil unrest to an all time high, in what I believe to be an effort to spark war on US soil. Historically, revolutions have been used to install dictatorships covertly, by tearing down free societies, turning the population against one another, and creating distrust of the existing leadership. See the Bolshevik Revolution, French Revolution, and Chinese Revolution. Even the American Revolution was orchestrated in order for the Rothschild-funded Illuminati to plant Freemasonic agents within the government of the new world. As the plans of the modern day elite near fruition, I urge the people of the United States to remember the real enemy. Focus your energies toward uniting to face them, instead of giving into the hatred being programmed. Remember, as you encounter your fellow Americans who are under the spell of the lies being told to them, its not all their fault. Try to be compassionate even though your fellow citizens make it difficult sometimes. Don’t try to force someone to wake up to the truth, you cannot. They have to do so of their own free will, in order to truly awaken. Instead, try to simply discuss things with them. Offer your opinions or insight only if asked. If your knowledge or opinion is dismissed or laughed at, mocked or ridiculed, don’t argue, just gracefully leave the conversation. Arguing and exchanging insults will only make matters worse, and push someone further from the truth, which only serves to strengthen the power the elites have over those still asleep. Remember it is not your personal duty or responsibility to make anyone see the truth. With that being said, I wish you all good luck and godspeed.

Your fellow patriot and human being,


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