Its November 2020. The Powers That Be have made a bid for Globalization. This unprecedented power grab, has shaken society to its very core. Every single nation in the world was impacted. Every single individual is being targeted. No one is being spared from this crisis. Everyone in the world still sees evidence of the crisis every single day. They see mentions on the news, Hashtags on social media, and of course the most important reminder, the masked faces of every person they encounter. Everyone, all of a sudden, is wearing masks all the time. At work. At the grocery store. The movie theater. The mall. Restaurants. Schools. Public transportation. Some even wear masks inside of their own homes and vehicles. Masks have become almost fashionable, or stylish, for some. Advertisements from businesses large and small feature people wearing masks, while buying and enjoying various products and services.

If we were to travel back in time and tell someone in October 2019, that, in just a few months, everyone would be made to wear a medical mask everywhere, all the time, how do you think the average person would respond? They would find the idea ridiculous, I’m sure. They ask you, “why?” “Why would I ever do that?”. You could tell them that its because a virus was spreading across the entire globe. They might then ask, “Is the virus killing many people? Will I be safe? Will my family be safe?” Then you could reassure the fearful individual with some good news. The Virus has a 99% percent survival rate for the vast majority of people. However, the elderly, and people already suffering from illness, were at a higher risk.  Most people confronted with this information would probably express concern for those most at risk. In the future, when all of this came to pass, the individual would surely comply with the mask mandate, being sympathetic for the sick or elderly people in their own life. They especially would not question the mask when the death numbers are broadcast everywhere, all the time. always being up to date by the day, on every news source and media outlet. As the death toll climbs and climbs, followed immediately by the never-ending new cases, the individual would count themselves lucky to not be sick or dying.  As the fear and panic of the deadly virus stretches on and on, the world continues to turn. “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, turns into months of “lockdowns” in some parts of the world. In others, life goes on almost as normal. Oddly enough, the hashtag #newnormal is suddenly everywhere. Now a vaccination seems to be the only way the world could ever go back to the way it was before The Pandemic. Some nations around the world consider mandatory vaccination. In first world countries, many businesses have considered coercing individuals into getting vaccinated by making it a condition of employment. People all over the world clamor for the vaccine, so they can stop being afraid of the invisible enemy, and return to their lives. That brings us to the present day.

Our new friend from the past, having survived the crisis until our present day, would be just like most of the world. Ready for the end to all the COVID madness. They would do whatever they could to get their own life back to normal. They would obey every new rule. They would conform to every new public health expectation. They would not ask questions. A smaller group of people within the world population are bit different from “most”. Not better, not worse, but simply different. These are the individuals who are more connected to their intuition. Many of these people are skeptics by nature.  They tend to question authority, act rebelliously. They always ask why, demanding an answer. They seek the truth for themselves, they don’t take anyone’s word for it. Many of these types of people have “Woken up” to the very real threat of the New World Order and what it means for humanity. These skeptics, while seeking truth, come across something that makes them question the motives of our world’s elite. There are thousands of sources littered through out history that point to goals and plans for a NWO. I strongly believe that there has never been a  more impactful event to “open peoples eyes” to the reality of this threat, than the COVID19 Scamdemic.

Since I was a teenager, I have had the vague notion that politics are corrupt. I certainly wasn’t the first person to think of this. Whole subcultures have spawned around this idea.  It wasn’t until the end of August 2019 that I really started digging. Something told me that the crisis I was in the middle of was not quite right. The rules didn’t seem to make sense. The single fact that masks were mandated all over the world for public health for the first time in history meant that it had to be a pretty serious situation. Yet, aside from the masks and the constant message of death, life seemed to proceed as…normal (except for the masks). No one I know personally has died from the virus. A few have been sick, but recovered. It simply didn’t add up. Many online seemed to have the same thoughts. During my digging online I learned of the MSM’s true nature. Censorship became even more apparent throughout the Internet during the crisis. I noticed a pattern. Everyone who spoke out with any information that contradicted the crisis narrative was censored, de-platformed, or otherwise silenced. Celebrities, especially the ones in entertainment, behaved like living billboards for the agenda. Sharing pictures of themselves and their families virtue signaling with masks, sharing the crisis hashtags (#newnormal, #wearamask, #wereinthistogether, etc.). I felt like I was the only person I knew who was suspicious that something was not right.

Eventually I came across the information that pieced together the COVID puzzle, and the scheme became clear as crystal. The virus is not naturally occurring. The PCR test produces many false positives, in order to support the idea of “asymptomatic carriers”, and the never-ending new cases. The death numbers were through the roof and rising fast due to the fact that people who died of almost anything, after having been tested positive for COVID, were added to the tally. The Mainstream Media is 100% compliant in spreading the fear, panic, and misinformation surrounding the virus. Given this information, it becomes clear that this global crisis is being manufactured. not only that, but it was planned down to every detail years in advance. To what end? How does this benefit The Powers That Be? By creating this crisis, the ruling class of humanity has tested humanity’s willingness to sacrifice freedom for the perception of safety. The New World Order has already begun rolling out in the form of The Great Reset. Its even being advertised with catchy slogans, and being endorsed by world leaders.

The end goal of all this is, of course, the enslavement of mankind. By weaponizing fear, leveraging technology, and subverting governments and religions, the Elites have positioned themselves perfectly for world domination. Followed swiftly by depopulation, then enslavement of the survivors, ushering in the darkest era of mankind’s existence. This all sounds dramatic to the casual reader I’m sure, but it is the dream of those responsible for this crisis. I created this site to chronicle the events going forward, and to gather information on the elite and their corruption in one accessible place. I only hope I can do my part to show people that they have been manipulated and lied to. Exposing the COVID crisis for what it really is, a stepping stone to the New World Order, is the only way to stop what’s coming. If the 99% united we could stop the Agenda. But I fear that this blatant bid for dominance by the World Economic Forum, and by extension the United Nations, might be a sign that the window is closing.

If you’ve stayed with me this far, thank you so much for reading. I enjoy civil, intelligent discussions and debates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or leave a comment if interested. I’m always looking for new ideas and new topics. Book recommendations always welcome. I’ll end this introduction with the following;

As you have probably ascertained through my writing, I tend to lean towards pessimism. This is a fault of mine. We must all remain hopeful. Always remember that the most valuable space in the world is the space between your ears. Your attention, your profile, your opinions, and your beliefs, are the most valuable commodities in the world. An inconceivable amount of time, effort, and money, go towards persuading you, shaping your decisions, developing your opinions, even telling you how to feel.  Remember that fear is being used as a weapon against you. Its very important that everyone understand this. We must not give into fear.  Be mindful of the information you consume, Just as you would with food and drink. Always consider how you spend your time. Never be afraid to ask questions. Never put blind faith in leadership of any kind. Question your own ideas and loyalties. Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you believe who you believe? Be willing and able to put aside your bias, and look past emotions when seeking the truth. And most importantly, be good to each other.

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