Welcome. The New World Order is rising. On this site we will be analyzing the methods used by our soon-to-be ruling class to bring about the one world government. We will keep up with current events taking place, as well as historical events leading up to the Globalists rise to power. This is not a place for fearmongering, but a place for thought provoking and civil commentary on these historical and current events. The power of the 99% is our ability to work together, coexist, and be compassionate toward our fellow man. Our greatest power is the Elite’s greatest weakness. Collectively, we have the potential to solve the greatest problems humanity faces, and find the answers to the oldest questions. Our society, that has the potential to be so great, has been poisoned through out history by the evil of those who see common people as no more than livestock. Worker drones. Assets to be bought and sold. They’ve twisted the minds of our youth with lies, molding them into the obedient slave class they want us to become. They’ve used us as guinea pigs, to test weapons and means of control, with no regard for our well being. They’ve allowed, and even caused, whole generations to live in war torn nations riddled with famine and disease. Our leaders make promises to fix all these issues, but the lies never stop being told, the bombs never stop falling, and innocent blood is always spilled. Together, we can put a stop to all of this, and make a better world for future generations. The single biggest threat to the New World Order is the unification of the 99%, which is why they keep us divided, fighting among ourselves, and hating one another. It’s my hope that I can do my part to help unify the people by showing them the truth, who the enemy really is. If we fail to come together and the Globalist’s plans come to fruition, it will usher in an age of darkness for humanity, worse than any of us can imagine. With that being said, I wish my reader all the best, and sincerely hope that we can work together to overcome the imminent technocracy being erected as you read this.

Your fellow human,